How much does it cost to buy a cement brick machine? Price is not expensive?

The price of cement brick machine is not expensive? This is not a secret, can not tell the matter, of course, the different cement brick machine suppliers will be out of the same offer.
No matter what kind of equipment to buy, prices can always affect the hearts of consumers.
In order to better put into the cement production line to use, naturally to buy a high-quality, reasonably priced equipment.
How much does it cost to buy a cement brick machine? Also depends on the buyer's actual use conditions, take the site, it directly affects the cement production operations and patterns.
If it is 1-2 acres of operating range, you can buy QT-12 such a small cement brick block making machine for sale, the advantage lies in low investment, quick results, comprehensive market prices generally in between 8000-40000, now buy, about 2 weeks can be completed installation work, can be put into production.
If it is 3-4 acres of operating range, Lontto machine I give the proposal is can buy QT-13 model, investment cost than above said to be one times, but this can contain a series of auxiliary equipment, such as into the board machine, conveyor, mixer, forming machine and so on.
If it is 5-6 acres of operating range, Lontto machine Machinery Company recommended that you buy QT-14 models, investment 15.16 million, the ancillary equipment contained in accordance with the above, but here the basic equipment are fully automatic type, intelligent operation is more conducive to production, saving a lot of manpower and material resources.
If it is 7-8 acres of operating range, the recommended model is obviously not appropriate, as well as the choice of QT-15 cement brick machine, the total investment in 200,000-230,000.
Due to the large site, the need for a certain batching bin and automatic palletizing machine.
If it is more than 10 acres of operating range, QT-16 cement brick machine more suitable for some, the market total investment price is also the most expensive, up to 300,000.
Here, I think we have a good understanding of the market price of cement brick machine, the key depends on your investment ability.
Lontto machine I suggest, we can not because of cheap and listen to small manufacturers, after all, their product quality is not guaranteed, may have adverse effects on the future production.
hereby indicate that the above is only Lontto machine me according to the current cement brick machine supply market comprehensive analysis, as for lontto machine machinery can provide what type, corresponding to what kind of price, you need to inquire Lontto machine customer service.